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Head Trauma was started many years ago in the early 90's. After returning home from Berklee College of Music, Desmond Tolhurst began writing, rehearsing and performing the first Head Trauma songs all around the Tri-state area with the first band Lineup. The first recordings were raw and lacked the budget to do the music any real justice. As home recording equipment became more affordable, Head Trauma began recording their own material.

The bands first digitally recorded album was Psychotic Episode in 2004. This became new signature sound of the band. Every recording since then has been of better quality than the last. The songwriting becomes more complex as you get more and more into their recent material. Head Trauma is a mixture of many heavy styles of music that span over 4 decades. 



The influence for Desmond's songwriting is so vast, it would be impossible to name all the sources. The use of Heavy Death Metal riffing along with poly-rhythmic counter accenting drums, makes this an interesting and unique sound. Some songs have this unexplainable groove or slam to them often making you want to smash the nearest piece of furniture you can get your hands on. The vocals really express the anger of what is being said.

Because the influence is both traditional old school metal and modern Metal, there is something for everyone who just plain likes heavy music, period! Head Trauma has undergone many membership changes over the years, but the music style has remained constant, and constantly improving.


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